26 Mar

Avoid Tooth Decay by Following these Simple Steps from a Central London Dentist

Tooth decay occurs when the acids in your mouth dissolve the outer layer of your teeth. It is a very common health problem in Central London, more than half of adults have one or more teeth that are affected by decay. Tooth decay can lead to cavities and fillings, it must be prevented in order to restore good oral health.
Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in plaque turn carbohydrates into energy, emitting acid as a waste product. When sugary or starchy foods are consumed, this elevates the amount of acid that can be produced by these bacteria and thus increases tooth decay. Gradually, the acid formed by plaque will begin to break down the tooth enamel. Tooth ache caused by tooth decay occurs when the plaque erodes the outside of the tooth and exposes the nerves. Left untreated, the damaged tooth may eventually fall out.
Preventing tooth decay is actually very easy. Avoiding sugary foods and drinks will reduced the bacteria’s ability to produced harmful acids, whilst proper brushing of the teeth will ensure plaque is removed as often as possible. Regular trips to your local dentist will provided early detection of any tooth decay and so appointments should be made for every six months.