28 May

Avoiding an early grave from Sleep Apnea in London

It is a very weird thing to contemplate- dying in your sleep, although there are worst ways to go in London. However, you’d rather try to prolong your life as much as possible, but there are things that can creep up and be the death of you without you knowing it is happening and sleep apnea is one such thing. When your body goes to sleep at night, you have a system that takes over until you wake in the morning: it involves the regulation of your breathing with signals from the brain. It works your lungs, which in turn pumps oxygen into the bloodstream, enabling your blood to flow freely throughout your body- regulated by your heart- and then the cycle starts over again. If any part of this system becomes blocked, the body becomes confused, struggles to decipher the problem and the parts panic and have to work harder- over time there is a risk of one of these ingredients becoming very stressed and then fail- normally the heart. With apnea, this normally occurs at the point where air is taken into the body- the mouth. Obese people, people on heavy medication or people that drink and smoke heavily are particularly vulnerable to this condition because their air passage is put under stress and you can even stop breathing for up to half a minute before the body fights to get air. It isn’t easy to identify either at first, but you may feel very fatigued during the day and people with bad snoring can also suffer. Curing it is even harder but with therapy, it is achievable and you should seek immediate help if you feel that you are at risk.