24 Jan

Avoiding the Shame with Veneers in the City of London

Shameless Veneers in the City of London
You know, you should really try to keep in with your dentist in the city of London, especially as you get older and your teeth start to get a little jaded, for by doing so, you may be able to fill up the cracks and gaps that are making your teeth look and feel ancient and rekindle your youth. And one of the most versatile and durable treatments around is the fitting of veneers to hide the shame of what lies beneath. Most are made of porcelain, though resin is just as good an alternative. With the porcelain veneers, your teeth are first de-enameled and then an impression is made of your teeth; from this your veneers are made and then cemented onto the surface of the teeth for an immaculate look that will take you breath away and turn back the years. With a resin veneer, resin layers are built up on the surface of the tooth and then sculptured for the desired effect. In certain places, this procedure can be done in an hour, meaning you walk away with a whole new look. Prices are reasonable and payments can be spread over a period of time to suit your pocket and if you look after your veneers, you are good to smile for up to twenty years- now that is an option to consider and, not leaving you feeling so old now?