16 Feb

Baby bottle tooth decay in the City of London

It’s almost inconceivable to think that babies in the city of London can suffer from tooth decay from bottle feeding, but a constant feeding of babies can lead to all of the problems that older children and adults suffer from. Teeth will only be suceptible to decay once they start to appear, which is about the time babies should be weaned from the bottle. It’s very easy to leave the bottle in a baby’s mouth when sleeping, it’s a sense of comfort, but when teeth come through, the gums are very exposed to infection. The constant accessibility to milk and juices from a bottle can lead to a build up of bacteria in the mouth and hence caries can develop easily- this is more common in the front teeth. As the baby reaches teething, a baby’s feeding routine should be altered- they should be introduced to cup drinking and oral hygiene should be introduced regularly into the daily routine. It should also be the time for the child’s first dental visit to monitor the growth and health of the teeth. It’s a very distressing problem for all involved, treating tooth decay in a baby- it’s not very good to start filling or pulling teeth, using fluoride treatments or using antibiotics either at such an early age. The other reason behind being vigilant at this stage is because, how these teeth grow impacts on all the other teeth to follow.