25 Jan

Bad breath beaten by London dentist and natural dental hygiene methods

Most cases of bad breath, as many as 90 per cent in fact, are caused by poor standards of oral hygiene allowing bacteria and food debris to build up in gaps in the teeth and on the tongue. This bacteria then starts to dissolve releasing sulphurous odours into the mouth that are carried out on the breath.
Many products promise an end to this odour by killing the bacteria using an antiseptic. While this undoubtedly kills the bacteria it is also likely to cause side effects like dry mouth and dehydration. This can lead to an underproduction of saliva, the body’s natural defence against bacteria and bad breath. This means that when the bacteria return it may be more of a problem.
The only sure fire way to beat bad breath is to avoid using outside help and improve your standards of oral hygiene to give your own defences the best chance of beating the bacteria. Millions of bacteria live in the mouth, some good, some bad, but effective brushing and flossing helps to remove the bad bacteria that cause the smell. Other tools such as a tongue scraper or inter-dental brush can help to remove trapped food and bacteria form difficult to reach places in the teeth and mouth.
By simply controlling the bacteria and not prohibiting the production of saliva you can get rid of bad breath without using nasty chemicals or mouthwashes. A London dentist can offer instruction about the most effective ways to clean teeth and which utensils will be best for your mouth.