10 Apr

Bad Breath in the City of London is Ruining Beautiful Smiles

Sitting next to someone with bad breath on a London tube, in an office or visitation area, at the theatre or at home is not a pleasant experience.
Halitosis as it is also named, smells bad, and may be caused by:

  • Lack of proper dental hygiene.
  • Oral or respiratory tract infections.
  • Foods and drink, like garlic and coffee.
  • Medication-causing dry mouth.
  • Lifestyle habits, such as smoking or tobacco chewing.

An unclean mouth accumulates halitosis-causing bacteria, which results in bad breath. Practising regular oral hygiene, such as teeth brushing and flossing, and visiting a London dentist periodically for dental check-ups ensures a fresher breath.
Dentists inform patients if they have bad breath and provide guidance on how best to control and eliminate the smelly odour. A dental visit may offer early identification of infection, which if left untreated may cause not just bad breath but disease.
Medication-causing dry mouth may impact dental health and breath, so it is important to notify your dentist of all medications that you use along with existing health conditions. Certain illnesses may cause bad breath too, such as diabetes and liver disease. Smoking and tobacco chewing contributes to developing halitosis, stains and discolours teeth, and leads to cancers.
Dentists in the City of London diagnose halitosis during a physical examination, which includes smelling the breath from the nose and mouth. Dental treatment will be recommended as needed or an individual may be signposted to a gum disease dentist.
Having bad breath is not always obvious to the sufferer. Potential signs that a person may have bad breath include: people continuously moving away from a speaker and distancing themselves physically during conversation; being offered a peppermint frequently by different people and someone making direct comments or jokes about an individual’s bad breath.