27 Sep

Battling against Teeth Erosion in London

Teeth erosion is a condition normally caused by the acids left in the mouth from eating and drinking and hence, poor oral hygiene. The first signs that you are having problems are that your teeth may discolour and become sensitive and as the problem continues, your teeth may start cracking, worn or become dented- then you may start to suffer from pain. At this stage the damage has pretty much been done and it can’t be reversed, only halted by a filling or a root canal. Keeping the acids away from the surface of your teeth isn’t rocket science though you should be aware of the problem. When you eat and drink, you should always rinse with a glass of water afterwards to help the teeth re-mineralise and when you brush afterwards, a toothpaste containing fluoride can also help do the same for your teeth. Chewing sugar free gum is also helpful in maintaining the saliva in your mouth. Extreme protection measures though would be to have dental sealants fitted onto the surface of your teeth. However all this talk of erosion- it’s not just acids that can be a problem: London is a very busy and stressful place and if you take the stresses of the day home and into bed with you, you may find yourself grinding your teeth and allowed to continue, it can do extreme damage to the surfaces of your teeth; combined with acid erosion, you’ll be lucky to have any teeth left before the end of the year. An immediate solution to teeth grinding would to be to have your dentist make up a mouth-guard for you.