29 Jul

Battling Bad breath in London

When you were last out at a bit-of-a-do in London and you came across a person with bad breath, did you mention it to that person, or did you just point out it in a bitchy way to other people? The bet is it was the latter of the two. Okay then, here’s a scenario: what if you have bad breath: would you be treated any differently and with no one telling you? You’d be in the same boat and it isn’t funny either, for not only will you start to lose friends, but you could be prevented from getting on in life, especially if you have aspirations to get to the top of your vocational tree. There are many causes of bad breath; a crazy, over indulgent lifestyle and poor oral hygiene are the two of the main culprits, backed up with a failure to visit your dentist regularly. These can result in rotting teeth and gums. Poor diet can also lead to the breakdown in the body’s immune system, causing the saliva in the mouth to dry up- saliva being the mouth’s natural warrior against the evils that invade the mouth. Whatever the cause, bad breath needs to be addressed not only for health reasons, but for social reasons too. A dental check-up can address the problems of gum disease and tooth decay, if these are the causes. Then it’s down to you to up your oral hygiene standards each day. Your lifestyle needs to be turned upside down and things such as bad diet, drinking and smoking need to be addressed. Herbal remedies are also a superb way of rebalancing the teeth and gums and should be incorporated in to a daily oral hygiene program. Finally, the mouth should be constantly hydrated with water and sugar-free sweets, whilst avoiding sugar and caffeine based drinks and foods until your mouth is back on track.