11 Sep

Battling with Bruxism in the City of London

For all of its zest and beauty that the city of London possesses, it can also come at a cost: it moves at such a tremendous pace and it can often wear you out, let alone the stress of keeping a job going whilst you fly around the place like a mad thing. It’s this stress that can often go unnoticed until something breaks down in the body and is a common cause of Bruxism in the mouth (teeth grinding). When you get home from a heavy day, you may still be carrying the pressures of the day and if you fail to get rid of them, you may well be taking them to bed with you- the place where teeth grinding really kick in. If you keep up with dental appointments, your dentist should spot any signs of this through wear in the teeth and then supply you with a mouth-guard to prevent further damage. However, this is not solving the problem at all; you will still be going through the motions of grinding and this over time, it can do terrible damage to the upper body- from your jaws through to your neck. What is required here to stop the stress and the grinding is to identify what it is that is winding you up. This can be done by seeing a specialist to help you with stress and/or anger management. It will help with your diet and with the things that are causing all this anxiety throughout the day. Even then, this is only half the battle because what you also need is to learn is to leave these problems at work and relax when you get home. Simple things like herbal teas, incense burners, soft music, a nice hot bath and a book before bedtime can help you to de-stress and most importantly of all, give you a deep and relaxing sleep.