14 Feb

BBC report highlights dangers of cheap, illegal whitening treatments

shutterstock_575385391A BBC report has highlighted the dangers of cheap, illegal whitening treatments available in the UK.
Undercover investigations revealed some alarming experiences, including a beautician who was using chemicals containing 25% hydrogen peroxide. This is more than four times the legal hydrogen peroxide content for products used by trained, registered dental professionals.
The report showed that there are illegal operations throughout the country, and suggested that many people are unaware that the treatment they receive is not legal. As a customer, if you saw an advert in a beauty salon window, you’d probably assume that the salon is a perfectly safe place to have treatment, but in reality, whitening of this kind is illegal in the UK. According to EU legislation, whitening treatment, a dental service, can only be provided by qualified dentists who are registered with the General Dental Council. The report stated that consumers are facing potentially severe injuries, including burns, as a result of being treated by people who aren’t highly skilled or trained, and being exposed to treatments that aren’t approved for use.
Many people are lured in by special offers and lower prices, but consultant in restorative dentistry, Martin Ashley, said that there are major risks involved with undergoing treatment administered by untrained practitioners. Dentists are regulated rigorously and this kind of monitoring protects patients. When you see a dentist, you can also enjoy peace of mind that they have experience in this field and that they can act quickly to resolve any problems in the unlikely event that there are side-effects or complications.
Anyone who is interested in having tooth whitening is encouraged to see their dentist and the General Dental Council is also urging patients who have been treated by non-dentists or come across illegal providers to contact them. The GDC has already prosecuted several individuals for providing illegal whitening treatment, and this is an area in which they are clamping down.