30 Jun

Beating the Breath in London

If you have ever had bad breath or indeed are suffering from it right now, you will be only too well the social and working implications it can have on your life in London: people may well shy away from you and it can damage your prospects in the work place. Once you have identified you have a problem though, it can be quite difficult to overcome, as there are many reasons behind the cause. Your first stop should be a dentist and a hygienist. The will search for signs of tooth decay and gum disease and if need be, fix any problems that may be there. But it is with a hygienist that you can get the best help, not only will you have some deep cleaning done above and below the gum line, its then time to sit down and discuss you: poor diet, poor oral hygiene and a loose lifestyle with fags and booze are major players when it comes to bad breath, so you need to chat and find a way that you can turn your life around for the better- and then go and do it. Change your diet, cut down on the excesses you love (at least for a while), and go out and get the best products you can, even herbal ones, to keep your mouth clean at all times. This is a process of elimination, but however, if all of this doesn’t work, the reasons behind your breath could be more complex which may well involve getting help from your doctor….and quickly.