27 Jul

Beautiful Bonding With Your Central London Dentist

The people of central London are a very busy bunch and so if anything goes wrong at any time with their teeth, they will want something fast to patch up their problems. Well, you should ask your dentist about cosmetic bonding; it’s a fabulous treatment that can be over with in an hour, covering up all of the problems you may be having, it won’t cripple your bank balance, and the results are outstanding. Any of these flaws like cracking, gaps, discolouration, etc, will have layer upon layer of resin layered over them until every last little ‘horror’ has been tucked away. Then the dentist will slowly sculpture the teeth into shape before giving them a good old polish to make them sparkle again. Resin is quite porous and won’t take a constant hammering from staining, so don’t go out and celebrate with too much red wine afterwards just to show off your brand new smile. If you are careful, this treatment should last you a good 5 years or so and if after that, the bonding begins to fade again, then all you have to do is pop back and have it done again. How brilliantly simple is that?