19 Jun

Beautiful Teeth with Veneers in London

Veneers have always traditionally been used around London to cover up all types of problems with your teeth: receding gums, gapping, cracks and worn down teeth are something that can’t be hidden away by teeth whitening, but they can be covered up easily by cementing over the surfaces of the teeth with small yet beautiful porcelain covers. However, veneers are not something you would associate with covering up crooked teeth and this flaw is something you would associate solving orthodontic-ally with braces or aligners. Yet if you consider how long it takes to straighten teeth, for some teeth that are not really badly crooked, veneers are the answer. It involve flattening the teeth by grinding away anything that sticks out and once straight, then the veneers can be made up and cemented over the surfaces in just a couple of weeks, which is why this type of teeth straightening is becoming more popular- it’s the time involved which makes it an attractive option.