11 Nov

Being a Diabetic and caring for your Gums in London

There is sadly an awful link between gum disease and diabetes in London. It hard enough being a diabetic as it is- you have a weakened immune system that you have to keep on top of everyday and keep in check just to survive. You may even have to use medication in order to keep your body and its sugar levels stable. Now this makes you a prime candidate for gum disease. This can be caused by over medication that dries up your saliva and then encourage gum disease to flare-up, so you have to work doubly hard to avoid such problems occurring. Weirdly, having gum disease has also been linked with bringing on diabetes. It does appear like a vicious circle at first and one you are stuck in. But if you feel you are fighting a losing a battle, you do have a good ally- the dentist. They can set your mind at rest and help you with these issues and so you can get through any problems that may come along.