02 Jul

Being Careful Of The Baby Bottle In Central London

When a baby is born, there is obviously a lot to think about as a parent in central London in order that they get the best healthy start in life- diet being one of them. This involves breast feeding at first and then light feeding later on, but during these early days, you as a parent may well do a lot of bottle feeding to comfort the child during sleep, or use the bottle if you can no longer breast feed them. At some point, the teeth will come through and this is the most important moment of your child’s oral health and it will be down to you to ensure the teeth are clean. The milk in the bottle you give them and the syrups you might dip a dummy into, will leave deposits on the teeth and if it isn’t wiped or brushed away, bacteria will set about causing decay in the teeth. Now if this is not addressed, either by you or by a dentist (the baby can be fitted with sealants even at this stage), you may well hinder their future oral health. These first teeth set up the secondary teeth and if your baby gets decay set in because of bottle feeding, your child may well have problems in the future.