10 Jan

Being Down With Dry Sockets In Central London

Once you have had a tooth removed, it can take a couple of days before the discomfort starts to subside and the mouth begins to heal and recover from the trauma. Normally, a blood clot would form in the hole so that the healing process can begin in earnest, but you have to be careful with this otherwise, if you damage the blood clot through brushing or eating- even smoking, it will fall out prematurely and you will have an exposed jawbone to contend with- or a dry socket as it is termed in central London. This will become extremely painful throughout your head, your breath may smell revolting, but even more dangerously; your mouth will be terribly exposed to infection. You need to see a dentist straight away if this situation arises. The wound needs dressing daily by your dentist with a special paste that promotes healing and this treatment will go on as long as need be until the wound starts to heal itself. During this, you need to ensure that you use medicated mouthwashes and rinse with warm salty water.