30 Jan

Being Prepared For The Worst In The City Of London

You may have a great dentist that you have a good relationship with, who will help to patch you up and keep you smiling whenever you need it. But even a relationship like this can be tested if you keep calling up whenever something goes wrong, or what you deem to be an emergency. The nature of a dental emergency should be looked at objectively: your teeth should always be checked out if you have a problem, but some situations are more important than others. Losing a veneer, a crown or a filling, chipping a tooth or having a mild toothache are minor emergencies and can be coped with until your dentist can get to see you. However, losing a tooth or having an abscess erupt in your mouth requires instant treatment and they are major emergencies. You can never tell when an emergency will arise though so you should make yourself familiar with protocol. Hospitals throughout the city of London will treat the more important dental emergencies, but there are also 24 hour dentists around as well that will treat all levels of problems. On top of this, it is also useful to look after yourself until you can be seen by someone; having things like painkillers lying around can help to ease your discomfort and deflate any shock that you may also have suffered from.