28 Feb

Being strong on Gum Disease in Central London

If there is one disease in central London that causes more devastation and complications in your mouth more than any other, it’s gum disease, and not content just to destroy your gums, it will be poisoning your blood, your heart and other organs as well. It starts, like anything does in your mouth, with the build up of tartar and plaque on the surfaces of your teeth and whilst unleashing the threat of tooth decay upon you, it will start to infect your gums. The first signs of this can either be picked up by your dentist, or if your gums weep, you have a bad taste in your mouth or you have blood on your toothbrush after you have cleaned your teeth. This is the time to strike back as stopping the problem now will also help to save your teeth further down the line (as well as your life). Your dentist will do all that can be done in the dental surgery, but it is the way you deal with it at home that really counts. For a start, cut out any bad habits you may have like smoking and drinking and then enrich your diet to build up you immune system: this provides your mouth with saliva and you need it to help fight off bacteria. The it’s down to oral hygiene- change it, rinse with salt water after brushing, use herbal remedies on your brush and dental floss and at the end of the day, treat your gums with a herbal massage to stimulate them and get the blood flowing again within. And even once the disease is under control, keep these new found ways of looking after your gums and teeth going.