21 Dec

Bejewelling London with Porcelain Crowns

The most beautiful quality about cosmetic dentistry is that while it ensures the treatments that are done are going to uphold the first criteria of maintaining the health of your mouth, it then goes and make you forget about the nastiness that you may of just come through by restoring total beauty to your mouth again. The perfect example of this is the fitting of a crown: these are used to restore a tooth after root canal treatment or used to replace a tooth after it has been lost. They fill you with confidence again after what can be a traumatic time. Two of the crowns that you can have fitted are both made from porcelain- a stunning material that is akin to the natural beauty to be found in the teeth’s enamel. The type of crown you have is dependant on where it needs to go in your mouth. Porcelain-over-metal is a strong, durable crown that can withstand a battering from chewing and biting, so these would normally be fitted to the rear of the mouth. Full porcelain is not so strong but it can take a nattering so this would normally be placed towards the front of the mouth where all it has to do is look pretty. The good thing is that if you look after them they will serve you with honesty for a good many years whilst maintaining that priceless smile.