27 Dec

Beneficial Dentures in the City of London

When we have a full set of teeth, you probably at some point in your city of London life, may well have gone through some sort of orthodontic treatment to get them straight: you may have also had a crown or two to maintain the shape of a tooth. All of this is done in the name of your occlusion- your bite, so that your jaw joints remain free of any extra stress. If however you lose some, or indeed, all of your teeth, dentures play and important part in retaining the way your jaws close together. There are also other reasons why dentures are also important; without them, your face will begin to sag and it will put years on you; they also help from a vanity point of view too. The problem with dentures in the past though was that not only were they hard to keep in an ever changing mouth, they could also look terribly ‘false’, as if you had won them at a village fete: the world of dentures has moved on dramatically over the years. Dentists prefer to save teeth wherever they can which is why there has been a dramatic rise in people that wear partial dentures. Also, both partial and full dentures are made from softer materials that adhere better in the mouth, whilst they also look natural and more plausible when fitted. Along with this, cements have vastly improved and anchor the dentures far better than they did before. But if you want total anchorage, then you should turn to the mini-implant; half a dozen of these set into your jawbone then, with the dentures clicked onto them, they hold stronger than any denture wearer could have ever dreamt of.