14 Jan

Benefiting from Porcelain Crowns in the City of London

If you have suffered from damage to your teeth through loss, decay or injury in the city of London, you would be well advised to see your dentist as soon as possible in order to get repaired, as if you leave it, there is a strong possibility that your mouth could get worse. One of the usual methods to overcome such issues is to have a porcelain crown made and fitted. Once your problem has been analysed and the area prepared, a mould can be taken (or a digital image in the case of CEREC), and then the crown can be made. Once it is done, it is a simple case of fitting it, which won’t take long and when it is in, you will look as right as rain again. There are two types of porcelain crown and what you finally have will depend on where your damage has occurred. A full porcelain crown is not up to taking a lot of stress, so it will generally be fitted towards the front of the mouth whereas; a porcelain-over-metal crown can withstand a lot of forces going through it, like the chewing done at the back of the mouth. Either or, both will be colour coded to fit in with the rest of your teeth exactly and will give a great finish, along with restoring your confidence once more. Prices vary so shop around for the best deal.