22 Apr

Best Dental Implant Solutions In London

Get a dental implant if you are missing a tooth. This is not only a cosmetic issue but as well as a cause of a rapid health decline. A person with a missing tooth/teeth will have a lot of problem chewing food, which causes health deterioration.
Another big threat that lurks with missing teeth is the change in the facial structure. There are people who do not consider getting an implant for the back teeth because they think that they are not visible and not a cosmetic issue.
This thought just prevents them from consulting their dentists who have been educating the community of London to immediately respond to dental issues for a very long time. This neglect starts to lead into problems that are surely avoidable.
Let us understand the exact process of what happens once you lose a tooth. When you lose a tooth, the bone starts to resorb, which causes the surrounding teeth to move. This movement occurs because prior the teeth were stacked closely.
But when one tooth got lost, the symmetry was disturbed and the teeth began to move, which causes spacing between teeth and causes the individual to lose the symmetry of the face.
This sounds scary but it is true. Also when there is resorption of the bone, the muscle attached to the bone is also lost, which results in sagging of the skin. With a timely dental implant, the process of bone and muscle loss can be easily averted.
Therefore those individuals who suffer from a tooth loss must immediately consult with their dentist to determine the best possible solution.