11 May

Better dental impressions in London

DO you have an appointment this week at your London dentist? Do you want to get a new denture or even a bridge done? As you very well know these procedures do require the doctor to take a measurement of your teeth to produce an accurate as well as precise individually tailored prosthesis.The feel of the dental goop, along with the wait required for the material to gel, to get an accurate impression is nauseating enough for any one to think twice about making a new denture or any prostheses! Don’t forget the lots of sticky goopy peppermint flavored stuff all down you face and throat along with half of the dentist’s fingers!
I’m gagging already! But you don’t have to do that now! With the latest advances in the field of digital impression technology called as iTero, 3-D images of teeth are clicked using a patient-friendly, non-invasive way. The measurement obtained is the same without having to sticking an impression tray as well as impression material in your mouth. Dentist and patient can view the image immediately and incorrect images are changed or retaken immediately. The 3-D model is can be sent to a specialized lab where you have a special computer manufacturing a three-dimensional model out of plastic. The dimensionally accurate images can produce bridges, dentures and crowns which fit much better than the conventional methods!
Patients are ultimately relieved of the need to sit still with the nauseating material in their mouth and are guaranteed a better fit of the resulting prosthesis!
Hmmm! I do need a cap; I think I’ll wait till this technology lands up in London!