16 Mar

Bio-Safety of the Biomaterials- Dentists In London Retrospect

“Data collected from profile of dental professionals and compared with respect to bioethics and then some conclusions were drawn. Although, this need not represent everywhere, the scene could be no better as long as strong government regulations are there,” says an expert in London who wants to remain anonymous.Questionnaires were sent to registered dentists with regard to the usage of different biomaterials during various surgical procedures. Data with respect to the sanitary control was then compared. The results revealed that all of the dental professionals used biomaterials and about a half of them believed that their usage is safe for patients and a half of them did not categorize the biomaterials to be drugs. About three-quarters of the professionals had faith in the source that supplied biomaterials including bones and membranes. Almost all of them believed that the government authorities should lay strong regulations on the sanitation of the same. About 50% of the respondents emphasized that patients’ interference in treatment choice to be nil or very little.
Although, the study doesn’t pertain to any clinical research or study and is just data interpretation, it still points to one thing. Even professionals use biomaterials (includes drugs as well) regularly with out having to the knowledge of the same as to the risks and side effects they pose to the patients notwithstanding the principle of benefaction.
“Either government agencies or highly qualified professionals show any responsibility to bioethics and this means dentist-patient association in remains flat in the field of dentistry,” says the expert, “we need to retrospect about our bioethics seriously.”