01 Jul

Bleeding gums examined by Central London dentist

Looking after the health of your teeth and gums is very important. This is true, not only because this will keep your teeth and gums looking healthy but also because a healthy mouth is a good indicator of your overall health and any oral problems could be the result or even cause of wider health problems.
There are many mild and series dental problems that can affect the teeth and gums. Dental decay begins with small dental cavities in the surface enamel. Although easily treated, like with all dental problems, if left without attention it can quickly become something more serious. For instance, if the cavities penetrate to the centre of the tooth, they can cause an infection that will attack the dental nerve. This is not only pretty painful but can also result in the loss of the tooth and spread of the infection to others in the mouth.
It is a similar story with the gums. Constantly under attack from plaque and bacteria, it is not uncommon for the gums to become irritated and suffer from mild infections. Again, if the problem is addressed it can be easily cleared up but if left can lead to more serious concerns. This includes periodontitis, the most serious form of gum disease, characterised by bleeding gums and swollen tissue. This may well need treatment with antibiotics and even some tissue removal.
Bleeding gums can also be the sign of more serious concerns in the oral cavity including oral cancer so it is always wise to visit your Central London dentist if you notice that your gums are bleeding.