03 Oct

Bonding at the Dentists in London

There is no doubt about the wonders cosmetic dentistry can work in order to ensure that your mouth looks, and is, healthy, and one of the most versatile treatments you can get to patch you up in London is cosmetic bonding. This works in a similar fashion to veneers in the sense that it can cover up all manner of ageing issues in your mouth- from cracks, discolouration to receding gums, but that’s where the similarity ends. Bonding doesn’t require the removal of any enamel from the face of the teeth (like veneers), but it does requires several layers of resin to applied to the surface of the teeth, each one being cured before the next is applied. Each layer is coded to match the general colouring of the surrounding teeth and when enough resin has been built up, then the teeth are sculptured and shaped, whilst blanketing any sins that lie below- after this, the teeth are highly polished. The joy of this technique is that is something breaks or the resin discolours  you simply go back for a quick top-up. ‘Quick’ is another important element to this treatment; once you have checked into the dentists for some bonding, you can be in and out, on average, within the hour. It also just happens to be one of the cheapest options around as well.