23 Aug

Bonding with the City of London

If you are considering any form of a cosmetic quick fix at all to get your teeth into shape in the city of London, you may well be wise to have a look at cosmetic bonding first. For a start it works out cheaper than most other treatments of this nature and can have you grinning in next to no time. If you feel that your smile is being impeded by some discolouration, gaps or cracks, and you require immediate treatment, then this is definitely the remedy you have been looking for. It involves a simple process of building up layers of colour coded resin on the surface of your teeth, each of which is ‘sealed’ with a heat light. When the dentist is happy that all of the problems have been covered up, then it’s time to go to work and start to sculpture the teeth. Once the teeth look perfect in relation to the rest of your mouth, they are polished; the whole treatment will take about an hour to do- great if you’re on the go. Though resin is more susceptible to staining, it is flexible because if it goes wrong at any point, you simply pop back to see the dentist and have your teeth touched-up…A quick fix for a quick city!