09 Dec

BOTOXING your way to a great Smile in the City of London

It is remarkable how modern-day dentistry can put that smile back on your face in the city of London; cosmetics can do wonders for your teeth. But ‘new’ dentistry has gone the extra mile and doesn’t just concern itself with what’s going on inside of your mouth; it can work for all those troublesome wrinkles around your lips- and indeed, all around your face. Dentists have the right needles to administer BOTOX into the creases and lines and thus, turn back the tide of time that is ageing your face. The treatment is very simple- it will only take around thirty minutes to do, and although it may leave your face a tad numb at first, it is fairly painless. It isn’t a procedure that will last and from time to time, you may need a top-up now and then, but the effects are remarkable. BOTOX will help smooth away those tell-tale signs of ageing and rejuvenate the projection that your face gives off; it also compliments any good work that you have had done inside your mouth to give you a remarkable look all over: go on, treat yourself!