05 Jun

Braces and oral hygiene in London

If isn’t bad enough that you have been fitted with braces and that they can look rather unsightly, for serious orthodontic treatments, you may well require a complex fixed brace with inter-woven wiring that could well be in your mouth for a very long time. Now such a brace as this is the perfect hotel to put-up it’s hosts at leisure- all of the food you eat. Now food will decay and drinks too will breed bacteria quickly and you can easily suffer from other complications such as tooth decay. This means cleaning such a device will take a lot of work so you need to be at your best all of the time you are wearing the brace. Your dentist in London is the person you need to ask for advice and lead you down the right path: a dentist is also there to help you with your hygiene throughout as well, so remember this. Normal brushing may not cut the mustard so you need to learn how to floss in and out of the wires and using a mirror is the best way to learn this. Inter-dental brushes are also good for picking things out with- as well as tooth picks. Finding a cracking mouthwash can also help to fight of the threat of plaque and decay, whilst flushing out the villains. But one of the best inventions for the brace wearer is a dye that when sloshed around the mouth will highlight any signs of plaque built up on the teeth, so then you can get straight back to the dentist for a proper clean.