01 Oct

Braces from City of London dentist have patients smiling again

Everyone dreams of having straight teeth. For some people this happens naturally, for others smiled upon less favourably by Mother Nature, it requires a bit of artificial assistance. When most children start to enter their teenage years it is fairly evident to the dentist if their teeth are developing crooked and will require straightening. It is beneficial to act as soon as possible, as the older the patient gets, the more difficult it becomes to manipulate the teeth into the desired position.
The only real option to artificially develop straight teeth is to use orthodontic straightening devices, more commonly known as braces. That is where the lack of choice ends however, as in the last fifteen years the variety of braces available to patients has exploded. Gone are the days when the only option was unseemly and uncomfortable ‘train-tracks’ that were the cause of so much playground baiting and bullying. Today’s braces offer ultra-fast and incredibly discreet treatment that yield just as pleasing results.
You may opt to have the Invisalign treatment which involves having a serious of invisible retainers fitted over the course of the treatment, each one making a small adjustment to the teeth. These retainers are all but invisible unless standing extremely close to the patient. Other modern alternatives include the Six-Month Smile treatment, which by focusing on only the visible teeth can achieve incredible results in just six-months. Equally as fast is the Inman aligner, a removable brace that uses coiled springs to create room in the tooth line.
Even the more traditional metal braces have come a long way in terms of aesthetic appearance and comfort, and they have the added bonus of being the most sturdy and thorough of the choices. Whatever the nature of your teeth, there is a brace that can work for you, whether it is a complete realignment or just that minor adjustment that’s always bothered you. A City of London dentist can offer you the most up-to-date advice on which braces would best suit you. Don’t be frightened by your preconceptions of braces. They really have changed and can help you achieve the smile you always wanted.