02 Feb

Bracing for the inevitable in London

For some people in London who have extraordinarily badly grown teeth, when the time for wearing braces comes along, it will be a hard and testing time. You may have to have some teeth removed first to make way for movement and then your teeth are going to have to be wired up especially to deal with your condition, which could take years to put right. As with most fixed braces, you are also going to have to be vigilant when you clean in and around your brace to ensure you remove any food stuck in the wiring…it will be years of hell. But for others however, braces and aligners have changed immensely and though they all pretty much deal with complex teeth conditions such as bite problems and crookedness, modern orthodontics treatments have become far easier to wear, look very aesthetically pleasing and work faster too. The average modern fixed brace can get the work done from upwards of 6 months. But the biggest innovations have come with removable aligners; again they work fast on fairly complex problems, but they are so discreet it takes your breath away. Some are made from clear plastics, so they are almost invisible when fitted. Every mouth is different and there is generally a brace out there for you to suit your needs and requirements.