17 Apr

Brand new smile with porcelain veneers from City of London dentist

Many people are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth. This can have very detrimental effects on their self-esteem and self-confidence, which can affect all areas of their life. However, whatever the condition of your teeth, there are many cosmetic dentistry treatments that could help. This could involve a teeth whitening treatment, dental bonding or for a more complete overhaul, porcelain veneers.
Porcelain veneers are very thin tooth caps that are placed over existing teeth to restore their appearance. They are suitable for use on patients with discoloured, worn or uneven teeth. They are manufactured to fit your individual teeth and cemented using dental bonding. The whole fitting procedure can take as little as one afternoon, meaning that you could have a brand new, beautiful smile in only one day. New technology has also greatly reduced manufacturing time and improved the accuracy of treatment.
Modern veneers are also incredibly thin, some only as wide as a contact lens, meaning that minimal or no enamel removal is needed before treatment. It also means that treatment is reversible; although it is very unlikely once you have seen your new teeth that you would ever want your old ones back.
The results achievable with porcelain veneers are incredible. You may have seen on one of the latest TV makeover shows how even the most damaged teeth can be completely restored by a set of veneers. Make an appointment with a Central London dentist to learn more about the possibilities of porcelain veneers.