02 Apr

Bridge that Tooth Gap with the Help of London Dentists

Dental bridges act as fixed teeth replacements to fill gaps left by one or more missing teeth on either the upper or lower arch. They literally “bridge” the gap between teeth through provision of one or more artificial teeth, fixed into place by a metal plate or frame, with clasps anchored to neighbouring teeth.
Dental crowns may be fitted to teeth on either side of the tooth gap to provide additional support for dental bridge attachment. Depending on where the tooth gap is, the dental bridge may attach to existing teeth structure on one or either side of the missing tooth gap.
Dentists in the City of London have experience in both removable and fixed prosthetic devices, such as dental bridges, offering patients a range of treatment options to choose from to best meet their needs. A dental bridge is considered a fixed missing teeth replacement because it is not removable for cleaning or eating.
Unique dental bridges cleaning products, such as floss threaders and brushes are available for the practise of regular oral hygiene maintenance. These products are designed to remove debris from below the dental bridge, preventing plaque build-up and reducing risk of infection.
The benefits of dental bridges are that they provide patients with replacement teeth for normal oral function while simultaneously enhancing facial tone through supporting existing oral structures. Leaving missing teeth untreated causes bone loss that may lead to further tooth loss and shrinks facial volume so that the face looks tired and aged.
By strengthening existing teeth, oral health improves and the risk of tooth decay and gum disease is substantially lowered. Patients receive renewed confidence for oral functions like eating and speaking, with improved self-image and esteem. Overall, dental bridges enhance an individual’s health and quality of life.