10 May

Bring Back That Confident Smile with London Dental Implants

Is your missing tooth affecting your lifestyle? Are you ashamed of smiling or talking because of your missing tooth? Bring back the tooth that you lost and flash that confident smile again with dental implants.
There are many ways to restore missing teeth. But London dentists consider dental implants as the most durable and functionally effective among other restorative options.
Known as artificial tooth replacements, dental implants are used to counter missing tooth or tooth loss to give you a natural-looking smile.
There are several reasons why you may lose your teeth and need dental implants:
• Gum disease or periodontitis
• Tooth decay
• Excessive tear and wear
Root canal failure
• Congenital defects
Tooth loss may result to biting irregularities which can affect a person’s eating habits and may lead to health problems such as malnutrition. Dental implants are a way to remedy problems created by tooth loss.
Several advantages of dental implants over other restorative dental options such as bridges and dentures include:
• Permanent solutions to tooth loss – dental implants can be used together with other restorative options for maximum effectiveness.
• Stronger and durable – dental implants are proven to be stronger and durable than other restorative options.
• Use to support dental bridges for multiple missing teeth replacement
• Use to strengthen dentures and lessen gum tissue irritation.
Advancement in London cosmetic dentistry has made dental implants identical from other teeth. This natural appearance of dental implants is due in part to the functional and structural connection between the living bone and dental implants.