30 Mar

British Association of Dental Nurses introduces new menopause policy

The British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN) has introduced a new menopause policy to support members of staff and employers. 

The BADN has issued new guidelines to support dental nurses who experience symptoms of menopause and boost retention rates. A new study, which was published in the British Dental Journal, suggests that almost 80% of dental professionals in the UK are female. Over a third of dental workers and more than 40% dentists are within the age range that could be affected by menopause symptoms. 

Researchers decided to undertake the study after finding that there was no “literature” on the potential effects and impact of menopause on the dental team. 

The study found that the average age women go through menopause in the UK is 51 and three-quarters of women experience symptoms. A quarter of women have severe symptoms, but 80% of menopausal women continue to work.

President of the BADN, Jacqui Elsden, said that the policy is designed to support both employees and employers. There is currently a staffing shortage and many women who experience symptoms of menopause and their employers find it difficult to broach the subject. The menopause policy will provide clarity and guidance for employers and improve working conditions for women who have symptoms.

The BADN is keen to “break the taboo” and facilitate more open conversation about menopause and its impact on the dental team. This is an issue that affects practices down up and the country and it’s important that employees get the support they need and that employers know how to approach the subject and help those affected. 

Menopause affects women differently and there is a huge array of symptoms that can impact day to day life. For many women, menopause symptoms can be debilitating. Implementing policies in the workplace will improve access to support and create healthier, more positive working environments for those who experience serious symptoms.