18 Oct

Brutal Bruxism in the City of London

In a busy area like the city of London, it comes with all the glamour and bright lights you expect from a city, but it can be quite expensive to survive in as well and on a day to day basis, that can place unwanted burdens on your shoulders as you try to get by- the most dangerous being stress that can do untold damage to your body unless you learn how to deal with it. To do this, you need to be able to calm down after a heavy day, relax and chill out so that you get a good night’s rest, otherwise, you may be in danger of succumbing to one of the most destructive offspring of stress- bruxism or teeth grinding. Though you might not notice it during the day, you can be sure that if you carry your stress to bed with you, you will be grinding your teeth throughout the night and over time, you will not only be destroying your teeth, but you will be injuring your jaws, your head, your neck and upper back. It isn’t easy to identify at first either, especially if you live on your own (a partner would definitely pick up on it), but soon your jaws will start to ache and if you carry on, they will start to click. A dentist will be able to pick up on this too, as the surfaces of your teeth will look worn. To save your teeth, you can have a guard made up, but you still need to diffuse the stress that is causing the problem which will take you to an anger/stress management course in order to identify the roots of your stress, and then a relaxation course to help you to calm down.