23 Jan

Buy your way to White Teeth in a London shop

Getting ‘across the counter’ Whitening in London
What with the development in chemistry and technology, it was only a matter of time in London before we started to cut out the need of our dentist and doing our own work at home…well within reason, for we have not yet descended into street corner dentists and home drilling just yet, but we have as a city embraced the art of home teeth whitening. Now without cutting your dentist out of the picture altogether, you might well be advised to check first that your mouth is free of gum disease, otherwise you could be doing serious damage to your gums if your embark on home bleaching. If you get the all-clear then go for it, because some of these products you get across the counter in shops are fantastic. You should first try out a whitening toothpaste for some of these can really kick your teeth into shape from around £5 pounds; you may even get away with a bleaching pen, which you can use to touch up the odd tooth or two. But if you want to get the ‘star’ look, you should try out the bleaching trays. They cost anything from £15 upwards, but they give you complete control on how white you want your teeth to look in the end. Also do a bit of research on-line first and see which one you think is right for you- don’t rush in and take your time.