11 May

Buying a mouthwash in London: do’s and don’t

I love mouthwashes! Doesn’t it give your mouth a really pleasant zing after you rinse out? Most London dentists don’t really recommend any particular mouth wash brand but they don’t really advice you against it either. Let’s take a closer look at what is present in most mouthwashes.• Almost all mouth washes contain a large amount alcohol and its really drying on the oral mucus membrane. The only way you can reduce the odor in your mouth is to kill the sulfur -producing organisms in your mouth. But most mouthwashes just dry out your mouth further exacerbating the problem.
• Almost every mouth wash contains a foaming ingredient which is universally used and is supposed to cause canker sores; this ingredient is called as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and is a prominent feature of almost every mouth wash.
• Saccharine is another really useless ingredient use to sweeten the product to make it more palatable.
• Some mouth washes also contain Sodium chlorate to oxygenate the mouth. But it does not work as well as it is supposed to inside the mouth so many countries have banned the use of it in their oral products.
• Benzalkonium Chloride is also commonly used as a preservative to preserve the ingredients in mouthwashes but recent research has proved that the ingredient has been though to cause allergic reactions.
Whew! That’s enough to put me off mouthwashes totally!