07 Sep

Buying your Whiteness in Central London

It is a testament to just how technology and products have advanced that now, you can simply pop along to the shops in central London and buy something that will brighten your teeth up and make them pearly white again. Whitening products are ‘so’ the rage these days and it is great that people want to look healthy when they smile. The products that you can get vary; the easiest one to start you off is toothpastes with a bleaching agent in them and you will start to notice the difference in just a few days of use. Bleaching pens and brushes are great if you only need a touch-up or two to a rogue tooth that has started to yellow. You can buy bleaching strips to lie on your teeth, but probably the greatest innovation of all is a full-on DIY kit that you do at home- people are going nuts for these and they will get you shining and polished in just a couple of weeks. However, a word of caution here: if you are having problems with your gums and teeth- have a little chat with your dentist first before you go blowing your money on these great products, because you may be doing worse damage to your mouth than you realise.