13 Mar

Can Hypodontia and Ovarian Cancer Be Correlated?

“People of London put up a brave smile even when terror struck. However, a worry found in many of them is to having to smile with one or more missing teeth. This needs correction,” remarks a renowned dentist in London.
So, which are the most commonly missing teeth or smaller in shape than usual? It is either the wisdom teeth or the lower second premolar. It can also be either missing or peg shaped upper lateral incisors too.
The February issue of American Journal Dental Association suggests that there is a correlation between hypodontia of the permanent teeth and malignancy of ovaries. Scientists at University of Lexington compared 50 women with ovarian cancer to 100 women without the disease. The data revealed that 20 out of 100 ovarian cancer patients suffered from hypodontia. In a healthy women case, it is only 3 out of 100 women who had the condition of hypodontia.
This study is especially helpful because ovarian cancer is difficult to be detected at early stages and hypodontia can be used as indicator or marker for identifying the risk of ovarian cancer. It is well known that when a malignancy is detected earlier, the treatment options are broad and one can get rid of it soon.
Having said so, the study results send warning bells to people not to neglect of dental problems even if they are minute and do not interfere with day-to-day living such as hypodontia. A regular visit to a dentist can make one aware of their dental health and it is essential.