08 Jul

Can Porcelain Veneers Lose Their Gloss In The City Of London?

There is no question what-so-ever about the benefits of having veneers fitted in the city of London: exquisitely beautiful, robust and boy, do they transform a bad bunch of teeth into stunning ones- but be warned, they’re not indestructible and they are just as susceptible to vicious attacks on them, just like your teeth. Veneers are very resistant and robust but if you are prepared to continue to throw coffee, cigarettes, and other staining products at them, they can discolour over time: ill-fitted veneers will also discolour and become yellow. But, this is more likely to happen to composite veneers: porcelain veneers are different though. They are extremely resistant to staining and though over the years, they may get a little jaded from abuse, especially from smoking, but they do react well to a light bleaching and a polish Yet the same rule applies: if they have a flaw when they are made, again ill-fitted or take on a little damage, they can discolour quickly and the only remedy in this scenario is to get new ones fitted.