25 Aug

Cancer and your mouth in London

It’s never easy to work out what exactly causes cancer, especially when you see people of a sporting nature being struck down with the disease whilst other unfit people can debauch themselves all their lives without even a murmur- much the same could be said about oral cancer as well. But being a specific area, it is a lot easier to look at lifestyle and pinpoint things that you maybe should try to avoid. London can be a very stressful place to live and this stress can put an awful lot of strain on your body, which is why you should try to maintain a very good diet and try to keep fit in order to give yourself a fighting chance. But the temptation to smoke and drink a lot and stuff yourself with fast foods is ever present and easy to do and if you couple this with the fact that you may ignore your oral hygiene from time to time are all considered to be contributing factors to oral cancer. For a while, you may even not notice things going wrong at first, things like constant sore throats, relentless coughing, repetitive sores and mouth ulcers but at least you should be intelligent to recognise things going wrong in your mouth and do something quickly. A few simple tests can verify whether or not something is wrong and the quicker it treated then the more chance you have of making a successful recovery. It won’t be an easy time, but if you get a good support team behind you, you’ll have a fighting chance.