24 Sep

Caring for your Gums in Central London

One of the main goals of oral hygiene in central London is to ensure that bacteria is not allowed to develop into plaque and tartar around the teeth, for if it does, it can start to infect the gums and lead to tooth decay and loss. Even more serious, if gum disease sets in, it will release toxins into the blood stream that in the long run, can lead to the breaking down of the vital organs throughout the body. So, back to basics: it all starts with the right tooth brush and how to use it to ensure that food doesn’t get stuck around the teeth and gums; a good toothpaste is also essential in counteracting the build up of plaque and for keeping the teeth’s enamel in shape. The use of dental floss and inter-dental brushes are also very good for removing food from the teeth and gums, as is the back-up of mouthwashes. What is very good for the gums and helps enhance the blood flow through them are herbal products such as aloe vera, Echinacea and particularly tea tree oil- especially if you soak the floss in the oil before use. But of course, in this equation in gum care is the greatest back-up of all- your dentist. They can check your gums, clean the teeth and throw any advice at you that you need to keep your gums healthy. As a footnote, healthy gums are borne out of a healthy body and this comes down to lifestyle and diet as well.