27 Feb

Causes of death unknown: Sleep Apnea in London

When you sleep at night in London, you are at the mercy of your brain to keep your body going until you wake again. Your brain will send signals to your lungs to take in air regularly so that the heart can tick over like clockwork and send oxygen through your bloodstream around your body. If however, you have problems getting air into your lungs because your airways are blocked, the whole automated system will start to have problems and panic. Each of the tasks that these organs do will become blocked and so struggle to keep the system running. This is what is known as sleep apnea and if this continues, it will not only affect the running of your body during the day and make you drowsy and fatigued, but it can end up with your heart giving out because of the strain and you dying in your sleep. The people most prone to apnea are those that are unhealthy and obese, those who smoke and drink heavily and hence snore badly, and people that already suffer from a heart condition or have had surgery to the central nervous system. Aside from the daily fatigue, it is a very difficult problem to diagnose. It can be picked up on if you have sleep therapy sessions, but overcoming it is hard. You need to improve your lifestyle and get healthy to help regulate your breathing better. Most important, you must ensure your airways are clear at night and if it means your wearing some form of device to do this, then so be it.