28 Jan

Central Apnoea in Central London

Understanding Central Apnoea in Central London
Central apnoea is one of those strange conditions that can inevitably lead to heart failure, but you may be blissfully unaware of having it at all in central London. All apnoeas are the cause of poor or intermittent breathing while you are sleeping, but with central apnoea, it is more common in people who have had problems with their central nervous system; either it has been damaged, you may have suffered from a stroke that has caused some sort of damage to the brain or you may be on heavy medication. Much of your breathing relies on the messages from the brain that are sent through the central nerves to your breathing muscles and if any of these are damaged, your breathing becomes erratic; it may become very shallow and quick but with interference in the messaging, the breathing can stop altogether and cause the heart to fluctuate as it is not getting the regular oxygen it needs to operate efficiently, putting an immense strain on it. This is why people who have had strokes, heart disease or a heart attack are in the high risk category because their hearts are already weakened.