26 Mar

Central London asks: Is It Wise to Leave Impacted Teeth in Place?

Impacted teeth most commonly refer to the wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars. The wisdom teeth are the final adult teeth to develop and they are located in the corners of the mouth; there are 4 in total and most people get their wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 and 26.
What is an impacted wisdom tooth?
Wisdom teeth are synonymous with pain, but many people get their wisdom teeth without any problems. In cases where the jaw is small and there is not enough space left for the teeth to develop and grow properly, the teeth may become impacted and this can be painful. An impacted tooth starts to grow at an angle, usually pushing against the neighbouring tooth.
Sometimes, impacted teeth can be very painful and if this is the case and your tooth is impacting on your everyday life, it is wise to extract the tooth. You don’t need your wisdom teeth so the best course of action is to remove them if they are causing problems. Impacted teeth are not always problematic and if your tooth is impacted but it’s not causing you any trouble, it may be best to leave it in place. We evaluate all cases on an individual basis and will discuss the treatment options with you.
If you have tooth pain, don’t suffer in silence! We can help to identify the problem and treat it so that you can enjoy your day without any pain.