10 Apr

Central London Dental Clinic Offers Help for Ill Fitting Dentures

Central London dentists have been making dentures for many years. Ill fitting dentures can lower one’s confidence and reduce the value of living. Ill fitting or loose dentures have caused denture wearers to avoid social events due to their embarrassment about speaking, smiling, and chewing their food when other people are present. Dentures provide support to the face and cheeks when teeth are lost. If you cannot wear your dentures, you look like you have aged prematurely. If you feel that your dentures don’t fit properly or are loose, visit your London dentist. Your dentures can be relined to have a better fit against your soft tissues, or remade if they don’t fit correctly and you cannot function properly with them. For full upper dentures to have a good fit, the acrylic base of the denture must lie against the soft tissues of the dental arches and the roof of the mouth. They must also be relieved at the areas of the muscle attachments in order not to slip when an individual is talking, eating, or laughing. Also, suction should be created between the base of the denture and the rook of the mouth. Lower dentures do not have the same amount of surface area, and suction. Even though they made be correctly made, the tongue and cheeks may dislodge the lower denture. Due to this problem, the lower denture may have to be held in place using a denture adhesive. If this doesn’t work, then you may have the option of an over-denture being made for you, using dental implants, or MDIs, that will stabilize your denture(s) and not allow them to slip. You will be able to attend social events without worries that your denture(s) will slip out of your mouth, and you will not be limited in your food choices.