27 Nov

Central London Dentist Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Are your missing teeth making you miserable? Patients who have had enough of the embarrassment and discomfort of trying to eat, smile, and speak with missing teeth often want dental implants to better their lives. But, these patients hold back because they are worried about cost and how long the process takes. The answer is that both factors of cost and time vary according to your individual needs but that overall, dental implants are a highly successful, permanent and cost efficient solution for missing teeth. The entire process can take up to nine months for severe cases when patients have unhealthy gums or unhealthy bones. If your jawbone and gums are healthy, dental implants take much less time as you will heal faster and with greater ease. How much your dental implants will cost also depends on what sort of preparation your mouth needs. If you need bone grafting, you will naturally incur more costs than someone with healthy jawbone.How much dental implants cost may seem like a lot at first, but remember that dental implants are the best solution to missing teeth in modern dentistry and will certainly improve the quality of your life. Don’t wait to find joy in eating good foods and smiling and laughing with ease again. Dental implants offer an excellent permanent solution for missing teeth. Consult your dentist in the Central London for more information about dental implants.