23 Jan

Central London dentist cleans teeth with painless scaling and polishing

The terms scaling and polishing can sound scary especially when you know it’s happening at the dentist. In a recent survey, over 90 per cent of people in Britain admitted to having some fear of the dentist. The reality is however, that scaling and polishing are relatively painless procedures and could prevent years of dental health problems in the future that really will be painful.
Scaling is the process of using hand tools to remove built up plaque that has hardened into tartar and calculus. This usually takes place near the gum line and on the back-side of teeth which are areas often overlooked during tooth brushing. The procedure can hardly be called a pleasant one, but it should not involve any pain if performed correctly by a Central London dentist. For many patients it is the noise and sensation that are slightly unpleasant rather than any feeling of pain. However scaling is one of the most important procedures in dental hygiene and can prevent cavities even at a late stage of plaque build up.
Polishing is the process of using an electronic, rubber-tipped tool to polish teeth once all cleaning work has been done. This is a painless procedure and only involves some mild tickling sensations. Polishing and scaling can leave your teeth feeling extremely clean and fresh. It prevents discolouration and cavities occurring to damage the appearance of your teeth and makes your teeth look cleaner, whiter and healthier.