31 Jan

Central London dentist cures subconscious teeth grinding

Grinding your teeth during sleep may be the result of stress in your life, that is manifesting itself subconsciously during the night. Alternatively it might be due to an interruption in bite caused by a change in the position of teeth. This is very common for patients who have recently lost teeth in an accident or due to decay.
Subconscious teeth grinding is known as bruxism and can result in painful jaw conditions called TMJ. It can also grind down tooth enamel causing major dental problems and very painful toothaches. When the enamel of a tooth is lost it can expose the very sensitive part of the tooth to the extremes of temperature experienced when eating and drinking. It can also expose the central part of the tooth to infection.
Bruxism can also be a major reason behind bad sleep and stress which in turn makes the situation worse. It is important therefore to see a City of London dentist if you or a partner grinds their teeth during sleep. Dentists can design and fit special mouth guards that prevent teeth grinding during sleep. They may also be able to restore your bite so that there is no muscular stress causing the grinding.
Bruxism or teeth grinding can be a hard and unpleasant habit to break but dentists are there to help you get the pain-free nights sleep you deserve.